El Rincon takes pride in offering authentic Mexican cuisine. We use the freshest ingredients from local farmers, tasty recipes, and offer a friendly atmosphere that would convince you you're at your second home.


Our authentic Mexican cuisine offers a menu rich in history, color, and taste that will make your visit a memorable one. We're one of the few authentic Mexican restaurants in Upstate New York that bring the true taste of Mexico to your plate, and we urge you to pay us a visit!


With a desire to connect with the local Mexican community Maria first opened her doors as a small Mexican store, providing a piece of Mexico for those far from home. Eventually, she began to bring the taste of Mexico to Upstate, NY when she started selling tacos.

This humble beginning blossomed into a restaurant rich in community and connection for all. If you are looking for fresh, local food that has the community at it's heart you will find it here. Maria believes just as strongly today as she did then in sourcing foods from local farmers and using the freshest ingredient. If you're looking for a little Mexico in Upstate, NY, you will find that here too, Maria sources speciality items from Mexico that add more than a little accent to a genuinely delicious menu. 

Authentic Mexican flavor immersed in tradition and history, create a present day gem in the small town of Sodus, thanks to Maria. 

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